Ideas Laboratory @ Edinburgh International Film Festival, 21 June – 2 July plus schools events in August

We are thrilled to be working with the Edinburgh International Film Festival and Wellcome again this year, linking researchers with the filmmaking industry. This year’s theme is “Comedy”!

We have 3 exciting opportunities for researchers from the Beltane Network to get involved with.

1) Expand your network! Get to know some of the UK’s up-and-coming comedy writers: Take part in Ideas Lab – Write to Research: Comedy

EIFF will invite 6 comedy screenwriters from around the UK, all of whom will have had work produced for film or television to meet 6 researchers to take part in this event running over two days during EIFF. Find out more.

2) Inspire young filmmakers with your research: Contribute to the EIFF Youth Hub – Filmmaking Challenge

The Ideas Laboratory Youth Hub Filmmaking Competition will connect with our younger audiences, encouraging them to think and learn a little more about science through creativity and filmmaking. Teams of young filmmakers will be challenged to make a short film in a week around a scientific theme. We are seeking researchers working in the following topic areas: 1) Environment and Climate Change; 2) Pandemics and Infectious Diseases and 3) Neuroscience.  (note We will also consider researchers working in other fields within Wellcome’s remit) to provide inspiration to the competitors. Find out more.

3) Help explain the science of laughter at the EIFF  Ideas Lab Laugh Off Learning Event

Primary 5-7 children (aged 9-12) will attend a workshop hosted by a researcher and presenter to examine the physical and or mental health effects of comedy. The session will use clips from different comedy films and videos which the children will watch individually (on iPads) and collectively to explore and discuss how their reactions change, how they are influenced by others and what is happening to them physically when they laugh at different types of comedy. The audience will learn about the science behind laughter, such as what makes them laugh along with how, why it’s infectious and why it’s so good for us. Find out more.