Beltane partner universities at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Okay, this is a long and unpretty list (we’ve run out of time to make it clicky), but if you want to know what your colleagues are up to at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, it’s hopefully useful.

We’ve done our best to find events not only hosted by universities, but also those hosted by others who feature people from Edinburgh’s universities.

We’ve included projects with close links to Edinburgh’s universities (ASCUS, Leith Labs) as well.

The Science Festival kicks off this weekend!

The University of Edinburgh

National Museum of Scotland

Look Inside Your Mind (1st-5th April)

Our Changing Planet (1st-5th April)

Photochemistry (1st-5th April)

Pop-Up Science: Pop Up Engineering (1st-5th April)

Pop-Up Science: A Taste of Sci-Fun (1st-5th April)

Robot Lab (1st-3rd April)

Dr Bunhead’s Rubbish Pop-Up Puppet Show (1st and 2nd April)

Game On! (1st-4th April)

The Art of Neuroscience (2nd April)

Dr Bunhead’s Eggcellent Eggsplosions (4-7th April)

Marty: Activate! (5th and 6th April)

Bio-discoveries (6-10th April)

Maths: Connecting Our World (6-10th April)

Seeing Minds Online (6-10th April)

Smart Soft Stuff (6th and 7th April)

Lothian Birth Cohort Project (11th April)

Connecting Codes to Cures (11-15th April)

Micro-Engineers (11-15th April)

What Can Supercomputers Do? (11-15th April)

Amazing Immunology (11-14th April)

The Chemistry Show (12th and 13th April)

The Hunt for Supersymmetric Particles (13th April)


A Very Short Introduction to…Bacteria (2nd April)

Hospitals of the Future (2nd April)

Scientists Have Your Data! (3rd April)

Wearables that Snitch On us (3rd April)

A Healthy Philosophy: We Need to Talk About How We Value Our Medicines (3rd April)

A Very Short Introduction to…the Atmosphere (4th April)

Identity (4th April)

A Technophobe’s Guide to Disconnecting (8th April)

Death of the Paperback (8th April)

Why Is Life So Complicated? Can My Computer Help? (10th April)

Large Honeybee Collider (10-14th April)

Why Places Matter for Mental Wellbeing (11th April)

A Very Short Introduction to…Intelligence (11th April)

The Sound Revolution (12th April)

A Very Short Introduction to…Savannahs (12th April)

A Very Short Introduction to…Viruses (13th April)

From Seance to Science: Who Is Psychology’s Greatest Hero? (14th April)

A Hidden Order (throughout Festival)

Lichtsuchende: Cybernetic Sunflowers with Maslovian Behaviours (throughout Festival)

Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

Future Vehicle Showcase (7th April)

Bike Powered Cinema (7th April)

Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas: Climate Change in a Connected World (8th April)

Informatics Forum

Shared Autonomy: The Future of Interactive Robotics (13th April)

University of Edinburgh Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems

Dementia Research and Prevention: Illuminating Brain Changes (15th and 16th April)

Playfair Library

Tam Dalyell Prize Lecture (16th April)

Our Dynamic Earth

Predicting the Effects of Climate Change by 2100 (3rd April)

Researching Alien Worlds (11th April)

RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

Eco-Tales of the British Isles (14th April)

International Centre for Mathematical Sciences

City Chambers

Edinburgh Medal Address: Are We Ready for the Next Epidemic? (10th April)

Heriot-Watt University


Dialogues: When Art Meets Science (1st April)

Contemporary Connections (1st April-12th May)

How to Sustain: Sustainability and its Societal Implications (8th April)

Morality Out of Money (9th April)

Why Is Life So Complicated? Can My Computer Help? (10th April)

Intelligent Transport: Connecting Our World (12th April)

RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

How Do You Weigh A Chimpanzee? (6th April)

National Museum of Scotland

Your Robot Roommate (8th April)

Our Dynamic Earth

Predicting the Effects of Climate Change by 2100 (3rd April)


Edinburgh Napier University

National Museum of Scotland

Who Will Scam Us Next, and How? (5th April)

Pop-Up Science: Our Wired World (11th and 12th April)

Pop-Up Science: Get Inside the Immune System (13th and 14th April)

Pop-Up Science: Adventures in Virtual Land (15th and 16th April)


Borders, Benefits and Biomedicine: Surveillance and Social Justice (4th April)

TV in a Connected Culture (7th April)

Queen Margaret University


Disrupting the Food Chain (7th April)

Seeing Speech, Hearing Tongues (10-14th April)



ASCUS Lab (1st-16th April)

Leith Labs

Ocean Terminal

Leith Labs (1st and 15th April)