Science Showoff

science showoff

Description:  Science Showoff is an open mic night for scientists, science communicators, science teachers, historians and philosophers of science, students, science popularisers and anyone else with something to show off about science.
We start at 7.30, with an introduction from a compere, and the night runs in two halves, each an hour long. The signed-up performers take to the stage to show off their science. Every set lasts 9 minutes or less. There’s a 20 minute intermission and we finish by 10pm, to give us an hour of picking each other’s brains over beer and to form new plans and partnerships before closing time.

Target Audience: Adults

Who Gets Involved: Anyone who wants to talk about science.

What could I do? ANYTHING!

  • Show a film they just made
  • Try out a new demo
  • Practice a new science comedy set
  • Tell us about their new discovery
  • Perform an 9-minute play about science
  • Play their new song about protons
  • Tell us what they’ve been up to
  • Predict the future
  • Give us a taster of their science-themed Edinburgh show
  • Read us their latest science poem
  • Try out a bit of a new science lesson on us
  • Play us a short radio documentary
  • Experiment on the crowd
  • Read us a blogpost
  • Perform an interpretive dance about science
  • Or anything else…

Timescale: 1 night (+ prep in your own time)

Benefits: It’s loads of fun – and you get to see what other peoples ‘talents’ as well!

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NB: These events take place all around the country – not just in Edinburgh.