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Description: The Ragged project is a social capital project which provides free learning events and encourages people meeting through social events. Ragged University is an idea of informal education which gets people to share their knowledge and skills in social spaces like pubs, cafes and libraries.  This is about sharing a passion in a relaxed atmosphere and building learning communities.  The project is inspired by the Ragged Schools which brought about free education in the UK. Inviting people to revive the social tradition of the Madras peer led teaching method which seminally informed modern education, the Ragged project is looking for speakers and volunteer coordinators to put on talks in Edinburgh and Manchester.  The website is being developed as an open space to support all learning activities, realtime and virtual.  Please get in touch and get involved.

Target Audience: General Public / Adults

Who Gets Involved: Any Researcher, Any topic, Any level; autodidacts, retired people, and those with first hand life experience also welcomeSpeakers must have a passion for their subject and volunteers must be committed to the ideas of open informal education and are keen to learn.

What Could You Do? The Ragged University invites you to get involved in building the life of the city by using social media. Social media and web training will be given, and each person will be accredited with their contributions.

Give a talk, Help coordinate a talk or contribute to the online presence. In fact, being at an event is participating in the event. We are task led and flexible, and ask that people identify what they want to do and estimate what they can realistically contribute.

Benefits: This is an opportunity to get involved with an enjoyable way of engaging the public in comfortable surroundings with food and drink.  As an inclusive social capital project, it is designed to generate synergistic opportunities that link to each participants own work. A central theme is to gain from being a part of a collaborative network. It is a prime opportunity to work in broader communities and develop research opportunities.

To Find Out More: For more information about Ragged University: https://www.raggeduniversity.co.uk/. If interested, get in touch with Alex Dunedin: alex@raggeduniversity.com.