‘Previously…’ Scotland’s History Festival

previously... scotland's history fest

Description: Previously…Scotland’s History Festival is Scotland’s largest history festival, with more than 200 events in November. We aim to bring Scotland’s history out in to the streets, bars, cafes, bookshops, and even comedy clubs!

Target Audience:  The festival aims to have something for everyone. We aim to reach anyone with an interest in history, any age, any background. It’s hoped our festival will eventually become a national event.

Who Gets Involved: Any researcher/phd/lecturer in history, sociology/economics, anyone with an historic basis for their work would be welcome.

What Could I do?  So if  you would  like to engage the public with your research, or if  you come up with a new and engaging way to present history, we can help you to find a venue, and list you in our programme. Perhaps you’d prefer a ‘backroom’ role –   helping  with our programmes or even with the setting up of events? We can use you!

Examples from previous festivals include talks, walking tours and trails, art, museum tours, photography,  coin striking, Films – but whatever you like really.

Timescale:  This is an annual event, and the 2016 festival will be taking place 11-21 November.

Benefits: Scotland’s history festival was created to bring our history out into the streets. We aim to bring the history made by Scotland’s people closer to Scotland’s people. We’d love you to be part of that.

To Find Out More: Contact Susan Morrison, Festival Director, susan@historyfest.co.uk.