Ionic Magazine

iconic magazine
Description: Ionic Magazine aims to merge Science and Art in a monthly online magazine. The beauty and creativity involved in scientific breakthroughs can parallel the genius involved in the creation of a piece of art. Ionic Magazine aims to establish a source of imagery for modern day scientific accomplishments, and stimulate great minds spanning both scientists and artists.

Target Audience: Adults

Who Gets Involved: Researchers in medicine, nanotechnology, biotechnology, psychology and astronomy.

What What could I do? Science Writing – Explain a scientific article, in an accessible way for a broad audience in 500 words. Alongside each article will be an artists representation of that very story.

Timescale: Launching Sep 2012 and thereafter will be published online monthly. 10 articles on current topics in medicine, nanotechnology, biotechnology, psychology and astronomy will be published per month.

Benefits: Be part of an innovative science / art project. An opportunity to try out science writing for a general audience and get your work published online.

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