Edinburgh Neuroscience


Description: Edinburgh Neuroscience has a vibrant public engagement programme that provides opportunities for researchers to convey their work to the general public and opportunities for the public to find out what we do! By providing a series of activities, from public lectures for adults to workshops for schoolchildren, we aim to engage everyone within Edinburgh and inspire them to think about their brains!

Target Audience: We run events for Adults, children and schools

Who Gets Involved: Final year honours students, PhD students, researchers and clinical staff with a background in Neuroscience.

What Can I do?

  • Bar de Neuroscience – Organise or deliver a Public Lecture/discussion for adults.  Previously part of Brain Awareness Week, but could be run year-round.
  • getBRAINY workshops for Schools – Work as part of a team delivering themed workshops to school children in their classroom (from Primary schools to 6th year pupils). Takes place during the school year.
  • Brain Awareness Week Workshops – Work as part of a team delivering a workshop at the university introducing primary school classes to the structure of the brain and how we view it.  Takes place in March each year.
  • Edinburgh Science Festival – Volunteer to put together and run an activity at the Science Festival.  Takes place in April each year.
  • BNA Festival of Neuroscience – The British Neuroscience Association Festival of Neuroscience took place in April 2013 at the Barbican Centre in London.
  • Art-Science Collaborative – Join our initiative with the Edinburgh College of Art and work on collaborative research projects.

Timescale: Participation is flexible and depends on what you want to achieve.  You could create an activity and run it (which requires more time but is very satisfying) or contribute to an existing event, which involves a few hours of training and 1 or more delivery days.

Upcoming Events: Upcoming events can be found here.

Benefits: Get experience of interacting and communicating your love of neuroscience to children and the public.  Develop your interaction skills in a structured environment, with training.  Enhance your CV with your activities!

To Find Out More: http://www.edinburghneuroscience.ed.ac.uk/public