Bright Club

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Description: The freshest thing in stand-up – straight from the (research) field to funny with a new crop of comedic academics from Scotland’s universities every month. Authoritatively original and brilliantly entertaining. There are currently Bright Clubs in Scotland in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee. Bright Club originally began in London with Steve Cross.

Target Audience:  Adults

Who Gets Involved: All Researchers, all subjects… not just science! We don’t discriminate by subject, experience or fame: we just pick brilliant people, telling jokes and funny stories about what they know best to an attractive and intelligent audience!

What Would I do? Researchers do 8 minutes of standup on their work in a comedy club – for fun, public engagement, and personal development. Performing usually involves attending a training workshop for a couple of hours two weeks before your show. There is a second workshop a week later to run through what you have so far and bounce ideas around. The day of the show involves an afternoon rehearsal and the evening show. In between you will need to spend some time writing your material and practicing.

Timescale: Shows (and training) happen every month. We recommend first coming to a show and talking to the performers and crew.

Benefits: Do public engagement while also having a great experience. Training that is entertaining, useful and highly memorable. Make new friends from other research fields and the world of comedy. Have a good laugh.