ASCUS Art Science Collaborative


Description: ASCUS Art Science Collaborative comprises a network of artists and scientists committed to the practice of collaboration between each discipline.  Founded in 2008, ASCUS is neither an arts nor a scientific body, but a network of participants equally divided between the art and science communities.

The network has consistently expanded over recent years and now comprises hundreds of artists and scientists from around the world.  The hub of ASCUS resides in Edinburgh, but our network is now an established part of the field of art and science collaboration with an international membership and links to like-minded organisations throughout the world.

ASCUS collaborates with a wide range of individuals, groups and institutions interested in the art and science collaborative practice, science communication, and trans-disciplinary research.

Target Audience:  Variable – General Public

Who Gets Involved: Researchers and practitioners in, or those who are passionate about, the arts and sciences.

What Could I do? ASCUS is entirely run and managed by volunteers, and we are looking for people to join our Steering Committee.  Within the Steering Committee, the following roles are immediately available:

  • Communications Manager:  maintain and update website and Facebook pages; manage Twitter presence; develop monthly newsletter
  • Secretary/Administrator:  develop agenda, lead and develop/distribute meeting minutes for monthly Steering Committee meetings; manage email account
  • Events Manager:  conceive, plan, publicize, and host monthly event

ASCUS is also always looking to celebrate, showcase, and support collaborations and public engagement in the arts and sciences.  If you’re working on a project that spans the boundary between art and science, please contact us and we would be happy to celebrate your project on our Facebook page, to showcase your work through your participation at one of our monthly events, or to help you realise your project in any way we can.

Benefits: By helping ASCUS plan and execute a diverse programme of initiatives, you not only get leadership and project management experience, but you also get an opportunity to make an innovative impact in a developing field while networking with a broad network of artists and scientists in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and worldwide.  Participating in an ASCUS event or initiative also provides valuable public engagement experience and publicity for your project.

To Find Out More: Visit our website at or email us at