Leith Labs

Leith Labs is the the world’s first long-term curated scientist-in-residence programme in a shopping centre – Ocean Terminal – in Leith, Scotland.

The Labs events take place monthly and feature free science and art activities, informal discussions with local scientists over tea and biscuits at the Living Memory Association, a hacked lab unit in the middle of the mall for hands-on experiments, and roaming scientists busking with science tricks.

In between events, the hacked lab unit serves as a Leith Community Science Postbox, including an exhibition, science news, and postcards for shoppers to post their questions about science.

Researchers, get involved!

There are two ways researchers can get involved with Leith Labs:

  1. Fill one of the monthly Leith Labs events with your activities.
  2. Answer some of the questions posted into the Community Science Postbox.

1. Run activities at Leith Labs

Work with the Leith Labs team to put on events on a Saturday in Ocean Terminal. If you are pretty self-sufficient, the Leith Labs team can at primarily as a host. Alternatively, if you need more input, the Leith Labs team may be able to work with you to put on an event.

The Leith Labs team usually runs training for anyone putting on activities at Leith Labs, the cost of which is met by those putting on the activities. The training helps ensure that everyone involved is confident and enjoys working with members of the public. The training income also helps finance the costs of Leith Labs as a whole. (Leith Labs receives no funding from universities or Ocean Terminal.)

Community Postbox questions

2. Answer questions from the Community Science Postbox

Leith Labs has received over 400 questions in its postbox! The majority of these are from Leith-ers (and the majority of them are clean!). Would you like to help answer the questions? Check out the list and email, Facebook or Tweet Leith Labs with your answer.