Fellowship Programme

In my opinion the fellowship scheme is one of the most successful things that the Beltane has done. And part of the success comes from that approach, it comes from the flexibility that it gives us because each of the fellows – we work in completely different worlds. (Beltane Public Engagement Fellow)

Since 2010 there have been a total of 34 Edinburgh Beltane Public Engagement Fellows and two Honorary Fellows. They were recruited from a wide range of disciplines (including Social Sciences, Science and Medicine, Business and Politics and Multi-disciplinary fields) and seniority levels (from post-docs to professors).


We are pleased to  have appointed the following fellows:

Fellowship Scheme

The Fellowship scheme is different by design with several traditional and bespoke elements that combined to form a unique offer.

Bespoke elements of the fellowship include:

  • A facilitative approach to encourage and support quality public engagement. Factors that contributed to this included trust and flexibility to develop ideas, building community among the Fellows and the capacity, skills and knowledge of the central team to support Fellows individually and as a group.
  • A hot desk to work at the Beltane offices. This provided various types work spaces: in company with other Fellows, away from Fellows’ regular work, a quiet environment, a space to share ideas.
  • An expectation to champion public engagement while being championed as Beltane Public Engagement Fellows. This meant Fellows were part of a broader community of public engagement practitioners working towards cultural change in areas such as reward and recognition.

The fellowships lead to significant impacts on professional practice of the fellows and some impact on culture change. You can read more about it in our evaluators’ report “The Edinburgh Beltane Public Engagement Fellows”. We have learned a great deal from this programme, and look forward to continuing to work with past fellows to share their learning, and to recruit a new cohort of fellows in the future.

Beltane Fellows

Click here to see the list of Beltane Fellows.

Listen to two of our current Beltane Fellows talk about their fellowship experience and what they have learned about taking time to do public engagement.