What’s the perfect CoDI show?

A perfect CoDI show always has high-quality research as its foundation. As of October 2018, it also:

  • Has a dangerous idea. Your show should have a controversial hook at its core; if it doesn’t, another spoken-word format may be for you.
  • Has loads of time for audience interaction (at least 50% of the show’s duration).
  • Has no more than one performer (in addition to the MC, Susan Morrison). This is something new for summer 2019. There may be very rare exceptions to this – please discuss it with us if you think your show really needs two performers.
  • Is very, very low tech. It never uses anything that needs to be plugged in, and it NEVER used slides or videos. Props are welcome where they make sense, and they can be as Blue Peter as you like!
  • Is entertaining. The audience should be taken on an engaging journey, during which there may be moments of seriousness, moments of lightness, moments of irreverent humour and maybe even moments of sadness or anger.
  • Is not a stand-up comedy show – there is the inestimable Bright Club (and much of the rest of the Edinburgh Fringe) for that.
  • Is prepared but not over-engineered. Some of the best shows take a tangent, driven by the audience’s questions, that the performer had not foreseen. Know your stuff, and know how you’re going to start, then rely on the MC and the audience to help you take it from there. Don’t cut off a fantastic discussion because you need to get back to your script. (This is tricky – this is why we have the bootcamps.)

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