What happens during the Fringe?

When is my show?

Your show will take place between the 7th and 31st August 2020 (we do not perform on the final Monday of the Fringe). Shows could be during the week or on a weekend. We don’t yet know what time of day your show will be, but it will likely be either mid-afternoon or early evening. We will check your availability before finalising the date and time of your show.

Can I do more than one show?

Yes, if you’ve previously performed at CoDI. If you are new to the programme, we would ask you do one performance. For all performers, there are an increasing number of opportunities to do your show at other events throughout the year.

How long is my show?

Your show will be 60 minutes long, regardless of which time of day it takes place.

How long do I have to set up and get out my show?

Ten minutes – maximum – and five minutes to get out. This is on top of the 60 minutes.

When should I arrive at the venue?

Please make sure you are at the venue 30 minutes before your show starts. If you arrive much earlier than this, there may not be anyone from the CoDI team to meet you and if you arrive much later, we will start to panic! (In theory, if you are very late, your show could be cancelled.)

Can I store stuff at the venue?

No. There is very limited backstage space used by many shows.

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