Money for CoDI 2020

We don’t expect you to cover the full costs of your Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (CoDI) participation (hard to estimate as the shows are not stand-alone, but likely in the region of £1,000-2,000, plus training costs), but we do ask you to make a contribution to the costs of marketing your show. Additionally, if you are from a university that isn’t in Edinburgh (and therefore isn’t from the Beltane partnership), we ask you to pay more to cover the administrative costs incurred by the University of Edinburgh in arranging the shows. The costs are the same whether you perform your show once or twice.

  • Fee for shows featuring staff and students from universities in Edinburgh (The University of Edinburgh; Heriot-Watt University; Edinburgh Napier University; Queen Margaret University): £220
  • Fee for shows featuring staff and students from other organisations: £470

All fees must be paid by 5pm on 21st February 2020.

How do I pay?

If at all possible, please pay by credit card using ePay here. Please email to confirm that you’ve paid.

If you need to pay by invoice, please contact the organising team ( We will need a purchase order from your organisation in order to invoice you. Please only use the invoicing option if it’s unavoidable as it takes a lot more administrative time.

Where can I get funding from?

It is not our intention that anyone should use personal funds to pay their registration fee. Possible sources of funding are:

  • Any research grants on which you are an investigator or staff member
  • Departmental or university-level funds for public engagement with research, knowledge exchange, marketing, communications or Continuing Professional Development (the latter because there is a training and development component to CoDI for performers)
  • Learned societies and professional bodies (you may need to ask your institution to underwrite the cost in case your application isn’t successful)

But don’t you make enough money from the ticket sales?

Not at the Edinburgh Fringe! Any profits from the ticket sales stay with the producer and go towards paying the wages of those working on CoDI. No money comes back to the University of Edinburgh (which is the Beltane partner institution organising CoDI).

It’s also worth noting that, because CoDI is a researcher development process as well as an entertainment product, some of the shows that end up in the programme may not be profitable. The financial contributions from performers help mitigate any shortfall in ticket income.

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