Marketing toolkit for CoDI 2020

Key social media accounts and hashtags

Marketing support and guidance

So we can best promote your show, we need from you:

  • A 60-second promotional video
  • Tweeting using #codi2020 @CODIfringe
  • Share your events on Facebook (we will make the events and will let you know when they’re ready to share)
  • Some form of contact with the summer intern to discuss your personal marketing and which networks to tap into for promotion. This can be done via meeting, phone call, emails, Facebook… whatever works best.
  • Working with the summer intern to make flyers which we will post online and which you can choose to print.

You will find it useful to check out:

Extra promotional opportunities:

  • Share our website ( , ticket sales site ( and social media handles within your department, amongst other colleagues, within any networks you think would be interested in your topic.
  • Making longer, interview style videos for the CoDI blog and your personal social media.
  • Possibly working with the summer intern on Instagram/snapchat stories (more info in video guide)

Branding and social media shareables

Coming for 2020

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