Evaluation of CoDI 2020

We will undertake a basic evaluation of how the audience responded your show by asking them questions at the end. Susan Morrison will lead on this – you don’t need to worry about it (unless you want to add to the evaluation questions).

Questions will be along the lines of:

  • Who here is from Edinburgh?
  • Who works at a university?
  • Who has learned something new as a result of this show?
  • Who has changed their mind as a result of this show?

We’ll also keep track of how many people come and chat to you after your event ends. If we have time, we may also do more detailed evaluation of your show using any audio or video recordings we make. The evaluations help us to understand the impact of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas as a whole, and give you pointers for your future engagement activities.

After all the shows are finished, we will ask you, the performers and creators, how you found the whole experience. This is a really important part of making sure Beltane is doing its job, so please do respond to the survey.


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