CoDI programme text and image

You will need a 40-word version and a 100-word version.

40-word version

This text ideally needs to be 40 words long (definitely not more than this, but also not less than 37 or 38 words). The title is included in the word count! This is the version that goes in the Edinburgh Fringe printed brochure.

Some tips are:

/ Keep your title very short and colon-free

/ *Start* with a controversial statement – this is your hook

/ Follow that up with a bit more qualification of your thesis/proposition

/ Include the name of your performer but not your organisation in this one

/ Include your performer’s title (Dr, Prof, researcher) if space allows, as this adds credibility

100-word version

This should be an expanded version of the above. The key difference is that it should include your organisation’s name. (If you are from a university, we would ask you to just include the University’s name, unless there is a very good reason for also including centres etc.) This is the version that goes on the Stand Comedy Club’s Fringe website, as well as our own Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas site.

Your programme image

Your programme image needs to be a good quality portrait of your head and shoulders. A fairly modern smartphone should offer a high enough resolution, but we’d recommended getting a friend or colleagues to take it as selfies can sometimes get you from a funny angle.  Please check what is behind you – you want a blank background (e.g. plain wall) ideally, and no complex piles of lab equipment, books, washing or cute toddlers in the background.

More information

You can check out examples from previous years on the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas website (but please be aware they may not completely follow the above rules – we’ve become more prescriptive over time).

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