2020 CoDI call process

There is a three-step application process to take part in the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (CoDI) at the Edinburgh Fringe in the summer of 2020:

  1. Express your interest by 5pm on 6th December 2019. This is non-binding, but gives us an idea of what the final programme will look like and how much interest there is. If you miss this deadline and want to take part, please email codi@beltanenetwork.org.
  2. Email the first draft of your programme text, your headshot and your August 2020 availability to info@beltanenetwork.org by 5pm on Friday 7th Feb 2020. This should be both the 40-word and 100-word versions of your text. This is non-binding, on both sides. We will get back to you in the week beginning 17th February with any changes the producers require, both to the writing of your programme text and the actual content of your show. (The producers will suggest changes that they think will maximise ticket sales and entertainment quality; we may also suggest changes from a public engagement with research perspective.) If we have more potential shows than we have slots, and we think your show content will need a lot of changes to get it to fit the CoDI format, we may at this point ask you to wait to perform in a later year.
  3. Submit your final programme text and headshot and pay your registration fee by 5pm on 25th February 2020. This is binding – at this point your show will go in the Edinburgh Fringe programme. If you withdraw after this point, we will not be able to replace your show with another show, and losses will be incurred by the producer. We will also not be able to refund your registration fee.

Unless you have attended one or more Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas bootcamps in previous years, you must also:

  1. Take part in one of the “So This is CoDI” events in November 2019.
  2. Attend at least one – and preferably all- of the performer and supporter bootcamps taking place on 21st January, 10th March and 16th June 2020.

Please do not plan to take part in CoDI unless you’re committed to attending these information and bootcamp sessions. CoDI is not just about putting on a good show; it is a researcher development process, and the bootcamps are where a lot of this happens. They will answer many questions you may have about performing in CoDI and will allow you to get valuable feedback on your show concept, programme text and performance style. It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to offer you a 1:1 meeting outside of these bootcamps.

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