New(-ish) Scottish Parliament Fellowship Scheme

fellowshipThe Scottish Parliament recently launched a new Academic Fellowship scheme. The Parliament is now looking for new Fellows, with a deadline for applications of 5th December.

The scheme enables academic researchers to work with the Parliament on projects that help the Parliament fulfil its purposes (which are: to hold the Scottish Government to account; to scrutinise legislation; to represent the people of Scotland by debating issues of national importance). The Parliament has a list of potential Fellowship areas, and most Fellows will work on a pre-specified area, but applicants may also propose their own. The Fellows will be based primarily in SPICe (Scottish Parliament Information Centre), which is where the Parliament’s own researchers sit.

Fellowships are expected to last for at least two months. Applicants may negotiate a flexible work pattern if they are unable to commit to a Fellowship full-time for the Fellowship period.

Funding for the Fellowship may come from the Parliament, the Fellow’s institution, or both. Fellows are also encouraged to apply for external sources of funds.

Researchers at all career stages are welcome to apply. Applicants will need to be part of an academic institution, and will need to have the expertise needed to carry out the proposed project.

N.B. This scheme is different from the Beltane Parliament Fellowship scheme. The latter is a partnership primarily with Scotland’s Futures Forum rather than SPICe, and encourages researchers to undertake projects on issues affecting Scotland in the longer-term. We hope to issue another Beltane Fellowship call shortly!