Evaluation of 2013 Beltane Annual Gathering

Beltane Annual Gathering 2013Over the last few months, we’ve been busy with work that takes into account what you told us at our summer Beltane Annual Gathering. The Gathering took place at Summerhall, Edinburgh, on the afternoon and evening of Tuesday 11th June.

The Gathering’s purpose was to celebrate some of the best public engagement work undertaken by Beltane partners, and to inspire participants to undertake their own good quality engagement activities. The Gathering was also a chance for you to tell Beltane what you need from us.

We thought you might like to see our evaluation of the event:

The report could be a useful read if you plan to run a similar event in future, are interested in using Summerhall as a venue, or simply want to know how what you said is informing our current work.