Welcome Hannah Cook! | Explorathon PhD Intern

Hannah Cook

The Beltane core team is delighted to welcome Hannah Cook!

Hannah starts today at the Beltane Explorathon Employ.ed PhD Intern. She will be working with Heather, Sarah and Lucy to put on the 2017 Explorathon Edinburgh event.

Hannah will be working six hours a week, both in the core team offices at 1 Morgan Lane (EH8 8FP) and remotely. Her default office day is a Tuesday.

Hannah is currently pursuing a PhD in African Studies at the University of Edinburgh. You can read more about her work here. Hannah has previously worked in engagement, partnerships and project management roles for Christian Aid and on a DfID-funded project, so we have every confidence that she will weave between the Beltane partners with ease!

If you plan to be involved with Explorathon this year, you will be in contact with her at some point. For now, you can contact her (and the rest of the Beltane team) on info@beltanenetwork.org.