Upcoming Beltane workshops

Beltane has a few workshops coming up over the next few weeks that will be of special interest to the writers and media-darlings among you.

Most workshops are open to all disciplines. The primary target audience is staff and students doing research, but support staff are welcome too.

Blogging your Research
Wed 9th Oct
Half-day workshop on writing a blog as a means of public engagement with research.

Writing Beyond the Academy
Full-day workshop on writing about your research for various non-academic settings.

Creative Nonfiction for Research
Wed 6th Nov
Writing in a fictional style about factual topics can keep you audience interested. This full-day workshop gives you the basics. Booking now open.

Beltane Nonfiction Comics for Research
Mon 25th Nov
Learn how to tell the story of your research using pictures instead of words. Full-day workshop. Booking now open.

Standing up for Science – Media Workshop
Tue 26th Nov
How to ensure that the right messages about science get communicated by the media. Specifically for science PhD students, postdocs and researchers in their first job.