Upcoming Beltane training

September, and a new batch of development opportunities, is nearly upon us. Here are some training dates for your diaries:

Voice and Presentation Skills

11th September (all day), Paterson’s Land, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8

This workshop will promote and enhance an awareness of what makes your voice interesting and sustainable. If you have ever thought that you are not using your voice to its full potential, or been concerned that it is not as strong or expressive as you would wish, this course could help you improve.

Conversations That Matter

29th-30th September (all day, both days), Heriot-Watt Conference Centre, EH14

Academia tends to equip researchers for speaking at people, yet much of the work we do requires talking with people: collaborating in teams or with other groups; engaging stakeholders or wider publics in our research. “Conversations That Matter” is about the skills and insights needed to participate in and/or facilitate such conversations so that everyone is heard and contributes.

Blogging for Researchers – save the date

23rd October (morning) and then 20th November (morning and/or afternoon), Paterson’s Land, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8

Want to start or rejig a blog? Not sure how to get started, or simply lacking the motivation? Join our “Blogging for Researchers” programme to get information, advice and mentoring.

You’ll attend an introductory workshop and be assigned a blogging ‘accountability partner’. After blogging to each other for one month, you’ll regroup for workshops on blog writing and/or video blogging. Additional mentoring will be available from trainer Barbara Melville during the programme.