The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas at the Fringe 2019

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (CoDI) is back at the New Town Theatre for 2019!

CoDI is hosting two Fringe Preview Shows at The Stand Comedy Club on July 16th and the 24th.

From 2-25th August, some of the countries leading academics will be sharing their most dangerous ideas with the public everyday at 13.30 and 20.10, compered by comedian Susan Morrison.

Fringe Rundown:

Full event listing available on our Facebook page: @cabaretofdangerousideas

We will be promoting the shows on our social media channels:

Facebook: @cabaretofdangerousideas

Instagram: @cabaretofdangerousideas

Twitter: @codifringe

Tickets avaliable via The Stand Comedy Club website here!