Fancy running your own Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas?

The Cabaret is growing! We’re thrilled! Want to get in on it?

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (CoDI) provides an informal but (potentially) high-profile platform for researchers to discuss their work with members of the public. The brainchild of comedy compere Susan Morrison, the Cabaret has grown from its messy birth at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe into an established fixture of the Edinburgh public engagement calendar.

Since the start of 2017, the Cabaret has or will appear at:

We’re thrilled to see the concept spreading far and wide, and hope others find it as useful and fun as we have.

If you want to do your own Cabaret, all we ask is that you stick to a few basic rules. These will not only ensure your audience knows what its getting, but will (hopefully) enhance the quality of the engagement and save you some headaches.