Everyday Cyborgs and Humanimals 2018

If you had to make the choice, would you choose to have your organs replaced with animal or mechanical ones? Does having parts of your body replaced with materials from other sources make you feel any different? These are some of the questions that Wellcome Trust-funded engaged research, conducted by sociologist and Beltane Fellow Gill Haddow, sought to answer.

Gill’s project ‘Animal, Mechanical and Me’ produced four films over four years. The first film was created by film-maker Ross Ziegelmeier and a participant-actor called “Maggie”; Maggie had recently been implanted with a cardiac defibrillator. Later films arose from collaborations with young people from north Edinburgh, animators, music producers and others.

The four films ultimately created through the project were screened at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse in April 2018. You can watch the compilation, ‘Everyday Cyborgs and Humanimals: The Final Version’, on YouTube:

You can also read about how the screening went on Gill’s blog.