Edinburgh’s Universities at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Wondering what Edinburgh’s universities are doing at this Easter’s Edinburgh International Science Festival? Wonder no more!

*We’ve tried to be exhaustive, but if we’ve missed something, please let us know.

The University of Edinburgh

A Panel of Ice and Fire (Rory Hadden)

A Solar-Powered Life (Neil Robertson)

A Very Short Introduction to… Materials (Christopher Hall)

All About Earth: From Space!

Amazing Bodies: From Science to Future Medicine

Amazing Immunology

An Interfering Conversation About The Quantum World

Artist Talk: Oron Catts

Astronomy on Tap Edinburgh: Festival Brew (Amy Tyndall, Adam Stevens, Matjaz VIDMAR)

Bad Ways to Die (Amy Pedersen)

Bilingualism Matters (Antonella Sorace)


Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas: Tackling Climate Change

Capturing the Chromosome (Bill Earnshaw)

Doing Big Science on Supercomputers

Dr Bunhead’s Easter Egg of Doom

Dr Bunhead’s Rubbish Puppets Trip to Mars

Experimentarium: Creating Communication

From Bench to Bedside and Beyond (Anna Williams, Tilo Kunath)

Future Innovation Showcase

Game On!

How Old Are You Really?

Make It Glow!

Marty: Activate!

Maths: The Alphabet of the Universe

Meet the Forest Scientists (Murray Collins)

Nature matters

Our Nano World (Olof Johansson)

Physics Wizardry: Potion and Alchemy Class

Pop-Up Engineering

Pop-up Science: Sci-Fun Roadshow

Realistic Medicine, Data and Me (Sarah Cunningham-Burley)

Revolutionising Cancer Treatments

Robot Lab

Searching for Dark Matter and Dark Energy (Michela Massimi, John Peacock, Alex Murphy)

Should We ‘Edit Out’ Disability? (Sarah Chan)

Should We Give Up Meat to Save the Planet?

Space Lab


Tam Dalyell Prize Lecture (Niki Vermeulen, Bill Jenkins)

The Antibiotic Crisis – Who is to Blame? (Mark Woolhouse)

The Chemistry Show

The Healthcare Revolution (Andrew Wood, Bruce Whitelaw)

The Search for Life in the Universe (Charles Cockell)

The Survival of Nothing: Is Extinction Important? (Steve Brusatte)

TimeScapes: Nénette and Our Perceptions of Time (MSc Film, Exhibition & Curation)

TimeScapes: Timelapse Masterclass with Filmmaker Walid Salhab (MSc Film, Exhibition & Curation)

What Does the Future Hold for Dementia? (Tara Spires-Jones, John Starr, Tom Russ, Craig Ritchie)

Water Of Leith Debris Discovery Day (Alette Willis)

What Makes Us Afraid? (David Carmel)

Who Lives and Who Drives? (Mark Sprevak)

Heriot-Watt University

A Very Short Introduction to… Oceans (Dorrik Stow)

An Interfering Conversation About The Quantum World

Experimentarium: Robot-assisted surgery

Family Day at Heriot-Watt

Meet the Marine Scientists

What Does a Robot Think About When No One is Around? (Oliver Lemon)

Edinburgh Napier University

#Pianodrome Wood ID Workshop (Dan Ridley-Ellis)

Let’s Talk Frankly (Sarah Artt)

Pop-up Science: CymaSense