Coming up from Beltane…

Congratulations on making it through January! Here’s some of what’s coming from Beltane over the next few months:

The Workshop Workshop (16th February and repeated 19th March, 11am-4pm)

This half-day course playfully explores the practicalities and problems of running successful workshops and drop-ins for public audiences. Working with tried and tested activities, a trio of industry experts, Tom Pringle (aka Dr Bunhead), Ken Farquhar (Inspirational Science Theatre Company and Do Different) and James Piercy (Science Made Simple) will lead you through hands-on sessions.

Research, Researchers and the Media (18-20th February 2016 inclusive)

This is not a straight media training course. We cast you as the journalists and programme-makers, bringing you face to face with the practises and pitfalls of the mass media. *Bursaries available.*

Designing Interactive Public Engagement Events (1st March 2016)

Do you struggle to know how to structure interactive activities like science festival drop-ins and workshops? This course will provide you with a framework for figuring out who your audience is and what will appeal to them, and strategies for ensuring they can get fully involved. Complements ‘The Workshop Workshop’.

Beltane Twilight | Welcome to the ASCUS Lab! (Wed 9 March 2016; 16:30 – 18:00)

Visit the new ASCUS lab at Summerhall. It’s (possibly) the biggest open-to-all wet lab in the world! Find out how you could use it for art-science collaboration, hands-on public engagement and more.

Beltane Breakfasts 

Early birds can share useful knowledge and experience about various aspects of public engagement with research. Sessions run 8.30-10.00am. Open to all. Dates and themes tbc. (Let us know if you have any suggestions for themes!).

  • 16th May – Evaluating Public Engagement Activities
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Beltane Annual Gathering 2016 (Mon 6th June)

The biggest get-together in the Beltane calendar. Come to celebrate some of the great public engagement being done in Edinburgh’s universities, to get inspired, and to meet pertinent people. This year, our theme is ‘Working Together for Edinburgh’.