Call to be part of the 2019 Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas

Has your research given you some dangerous ideas? Come share them with the world at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe!

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas has taken place at the Edinburgh Fringe each summer since 2013. It’s a unique blend of serious academic research, irreverent comedy and a liberal dose of controversy. There is a heavy emphasis on audience involvement – these are not lectures – and a complete ban on slides. The Cabaret is also a researcher development process, with all performers strongly encouraged to take part in a series of ‘bootcamps’.

Since 2013, the Cabaret has had a total of around 10,000 audience members and over 180 performances. Increasingly, Cabaret shows are taking place throughout the year, in response to performers’ wishes to do their show more than once.

The call to take part in the Cabaret at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe is now live.

If you have never taken part in the Cabaret before, please do familiarise yourself with what’s involved by reading our information for 2019 performers and supporters. Please also come to one of our upcoming info sessions:

If you are an experienced Cabaret performer, then you may notice some changes for summer 2019:

  • The programme deadlines have been pulled forward.
  • We’re piloting peer-mentoring.
  • Only one performer per show, unless there’s a great reason to have two.
  • A stronger emphasis on having a dangerous idea.