Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas goes to London!

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas is heading to London as part of The Sick of the Fringe!

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas is debate, discussion and discourse in a tent at the Edinburgh Fringe! Researchers, academic staff and university students share their most controversial, evidence-based thoughts with members of the public. MC-ed by entertainer Susan Morrison, the shows promote frank conversation in a relaxed setting. Performers (AKA university staff and students) get to try out a new and challenging way of sharing their work, and members of the public get to speak directly to experts they might otherwise not have access to.

The Sick of the Fringe (TSOTF) first came to Edinburgh in the summer of 2015. Supported by the Wellcome Trust, TSOTF is a series of events and online discussions that raise awareness of and promote thought and discussion about Edinburgh Fringe shows that address illness, health, medicine, disability and well-being. In 2016, the TSOTF picked up on some the of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas shows that address TSOTF’s themes.

In February 2017, a TSOTF mini festival is taking place in London. Members of the public (and those with a professional interest) will be able to watch shows and visit exhibits that have been cherry-picked out of the huge array the Edinburgh Fringe has to offer. We’re delighted that a one-off Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas show is taking place as part of TSOTF – London!

The show’s performers are still to be confirmed, but we can guarantee that our dynamo MC, Susan Morrison, will be at the helm!