The Beltane Public Engagement Network is a partnership between Edinburgh Napier University, Heriot-Watt University, Queen Margaret University and The University of Edinburgh. The mission of the Beltane Network is to support and advance a culture of public engagement with research at its partner universities.

The partnership operates as a cooperative, supporting researchers across the four institutions and creating collaborative opportunities for engagement. Our flagship activities include the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas at the Edinburgh Fringe, The Exploration (European Researchers Night in Scotland), Beltane Sparks, Soapbox Science, and Famelab. The Network members share training and networking opportunities. For more information about opportunities and activities, check on the Activities section of the website.

COVID-19 Update: In light of the ongoing COVID-19 Situation, ny face-to-face Beltane events and activities have been postponed or moved online. The Beltane Network co-ordinators from the four Edinburgh universities are currently working from home, but we’re open for business continuing to support our academic and professional services colleagues with community partners. Contact details can be found here.