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Advanced participatory data gathering using Ketso
Nov 22 all-day

Advanced participatory data gathering using Ketso 22nd November 2018 The University of Manchester

Generating impact from research is more likely if research participants and stakeholders are engaged in the process. Data gathering can in itself be a mutual learning experience, increasing the value to participants, as well as generating rich data.  A series of practical exercises will allow participants to consider core principles of stakeholder engagement (developed from Dr. Joanne Tippett’s 20 years of experience in participatory research) in relation to their research projects.

Using hands-on and visual tools, participants are able to express their ideas and engage in dialogue, whilst allowing the researcher to capture data from the discussion in a physical artefact. Participants will explore ways to analyse and search for patterns in participatory data.

The course will use a hands-on kit for stakeholder engagement, Ketso, to demonstrate participatory data gathering in action. Ketso emerged from ESRC funded research (Tippett et al. 2007).

The course draws on insights from Ketso’s use in research across the world, e.g. in Peru exploring drinking water practices (Furlong and Tippett 2013), in Cameroon, Ethiopia and Tanzania looking at climate change adaptation, in Saudi Arabia exploring technology in education (Alabbasi and Stelma 2018), in Norway exploring information management in libraries (Whitworth et. al. 2014) and in the UK, in research as diverse as sustainability skills in supermarkets, refugee integration, street trees, information management in libraries and feminist rock festivals (O’Shea, S., 2012). Participants will explore ways they could use participatory techniques in their research. The action orientated learning of the course will be supplemented by discussion of key issues surrounding participatory methodologies and the critiques of such approaches.

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