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The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (CoDI) provides an informal but high-profile platform for researchers to discuss their work with members of the public. It is curated by the Beltane Public Engagement Network, produced by Fair Pley, and compered by comedian Susan Morrison.

CoDI shows are designed to be as interactive as possible – they’re not the place for lectures. The provocative topics inspire questions and debate, bringing researchers and audience to new perspectives, knowledge and, occasionally, strong emotion! Our expert compere ensures shows are always entertaining and never overstep the mark.


CoDI started at the Edinburgh Fringe in the summer of 2013. Like most fun-but-slightly-scary things, it was the brainchild of Susan Morrison; Lara Isbel helped develop the initial concept, then Sarah Anderson (Beltane) Stephen Wright (Fair Pley) and Susan ran with it.

The first summer was painful – we learned the hard way about how the expectations of the Fringe beast and university people can differ. However, we survived, and enough of our performers enjoyed it that we went on to do a second and third year. The summer of 2017 will be CoDI’s five-year anniversary (and the Edinburgh Fringe’s seventieth!).


First and foremost, CoDI would not happen without the many brave, enthusiasic and good-willed researchers who’ve been involved, and their supporters. With around 100 CoDI shows to date, there are now many CoDI alumni. Researchers/performers have been from universities in Edinburgh and beyond.

Other key people who’ve helped it happen:

  • Susan Morrison – resident compere for all years who can always find the bright side
  • Stephen Wright, Fair Pley – (very patient) producer who had faith in us even when we lost him money
  • Sarah Anderson – programme curator and shepherd of researchers
  • Dee Davison – programme curator for year 2015 (Sarah’s maternity cover)
  • Silje Graffer, Lucy Gibbons and Alex Oates – incredibly capable interns who pretty much ran the show from June onwards in 2014 (Silje), 2015 (Lucy) and 2016 (Alex)
  • Laura Wicks and Kataryzyna Przybycien – as Heriot-Watt Engage, Laura and Kat support Heriot-Watt researchers performing at CoDI
  • Dawn Smith – as Edinburgh Napier’s Public Engagement Officer, Dawn supports Edinburgh Napier researchers performing at CoDI

There are many more people who could be on here: like raising a child, CoDI really does take a village!

What Can I Do?

You can perform or, if that’s not for you, please come to the shows and tell your friends about them.


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