EIFF | Ideas Lab – Learning Event – Laugh Off

Help explain the science of laughter!

Primary 5-7 children (aged 9-12) will attend a workshop hosted by a researcher and presenter to examine the physical and or mental health effects of comedy. The session will use clips from different comedy films and videos which the children will watch individually (on iPads) and collectively to explore and discuss how their reactions change, how they are influenced by others and what is happening to them physically when they laugh at different types of comedy. The audience will learn about the science behind laughter, such as what makes them laugh along with how, why it’s infectious and why it’s so good for us.

Key dates and commitments:

30 May :

Commit to being involved and agree the nature of the workshop

June-July 2017:

Work with presenter to develop the workshop

August 2017:

Date and time tbc: Deliver the workshop to two primary school classed

If you have some research about laughing to share please drop us a line at info@beltanenetwork.org by the 18 May.