Prof Nanette Mutrie

Chair in Physical Activity for Health
Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences (SPEHS), University of Edinburgh

0.5 Parliament Engagement Fellow: 1 December 2012 – 30 May 2013

Nanette MutrieNanette is an Accredited Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) and is an Honorary Fellow of that organisation. She is also a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. With her students and colleagues, she has published over 100 peer reviewed articles on exercise behaviour and intervention strategies. Nanette has editorial roles for The Journal of Physical Activity and Health and Mental Health and Physical Activity and has also contributed to policy, for example, ‘let’s make Scotland more active’ and the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence [NICE] programme on physical activity and the environment []. She is leading the development of the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre [PAHRC] at the University of Edinburgh.

Nanette holds a joint fellowship with Dr Liz Such entitled: ‘Sit Less, Walk More‘.  They plan to raise awareness of the need to encourage older adults to  ‘sit less and to walk more’. This relates directly to the policy ‘let’s make Scotland more active’, the five year review of that strategy, the National implementation plan for physical activity and the aspiration to make Scotland a more active nation enhanced by the Commonwealth Games Legacy plans.

Liz and Nanette will create the opportunities for MSPs, civil servants and others related to parliamentary work to consider and increase their own activity levels, by providing one-to-one consultations at the parliament.  The one to one discussion, based on evidence based approaches to changing health will allow any MSP or other government worker who is interested to gain further insight into the process of physical activity behaviour change from the inside. Interested MSPs might then video record their own experiences for their constituency websites as a way of being a role model in their own neighbourhood. Follow up opportunities will be made available for participants and a summary of findings presented from participant experiences in relation to how government can promote activity and decrease sitting for employees.

In addition the two fellows will organise a seminar in June 2013 where key aspects of the issues surrounding the need for all of us to sit less and walk more will be presented.These key aspects will include the most recent evidence about the health risks of too much sitting, evidence on how parliamentarians responded to the challenge of trying to sit less at work, Australian evidence of related workplace initiatives and evidence about the effect that increasing such activities could have on the economic burden of inactivity in Scotland. The seminar presentations will be filmed and made available on a related website for future use by educators and practitioners across Scotland. The audience would include MSPs, interested policy makers from across Government and government funded bodies, members of the medical profession and members of the Active and Healthy Ageing Reference Group.


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