Honorary Fellow: Dr Wendy Faulkner

Wendy FaulknerInstitute for the Study of Science, Technology & Innovation (ISSTI)

Honorary Beltane Fellow: Sept 2010 – March 2012

Wendy recently retired from a 30 year academic career in the field of social research on science, technology and innovation. Latterly, this included a major collaborative project conducting and researching public engagement on issues surrounding stem cell research. She is an experienced facilitator, and has been trained in dialogue and in public participation.

As an Honorary Fellow, Wendy has been offering training to Beltane members in dialogic approaches to public engagement and knowledge exchange. This training provides practical skills for researchers to achieve deeper forms of communication with stakeholders and wider publics. It seeks to encourage mutual listening and understanding – even across major differences in expertise, views and background – as a necessary prerequisite to building and sustaining strong and productive relations between academia and its publics.

Building on this training, Wendy wrote the Beltane handbook on Dialogue in Public Engagement.

She also offers advice and support to Beltane members on the design and conduct of public engagement events and activities.