Dr Yolanda Fernandez-Diez

Research Associate and Scientific Communicator at Heriot Watt University

Beltane Fellow: 1 July 2013 – 31 Dec 2013

Yolanda at Our Dynamic Earth

Beltane Fellow, Dr Yolanda Fernandez Diez, with ‘The Game of CO2 Uses’ at Our Dynamic Earth

Yolanda is a researcher in the area of chemical engineering related to energy and environment. She is currently working at the Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage (CICCS) at Heriot Watt University. Born in Leon (Spain), where she finished her degree in Environmental Sciences, Yolanda has built a broad experience of different research topics and professional environments including Universities of Leon and Oviedo (Spain), National Institute of Carbon (Spain), University of New Mexico (USA), Kunming University of Science and Technology (China), University of Nottingham (UK) and currently at Heriot Watt University (UK).

It is in the last two years of her professional career when she starts to get involved with other branches of the academic system including public engagement, career development and governance. Her Beltane fellowship has been an excellent toolkit to improve her communication skills, expand her professional network and acquire refreshing experiences from her contact with wider audiences. In particular, her project with Beltane consists of a colourful and interactive display (Where are my carbon atoms?) to collect public awareness, understanding and views on carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies (CCUS). Part of the Beltane Fellowship also includes the exhibition of the display during the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014, as well as written reports of public responses and lessons learnt during the project. Other public engagement activities conducted by Yolanda and related to her Beltane fellowship are The Game of CO2 uses at Dynamic Earth (Edinburgh), scientific tours at City Art Centre (Edinburgh) and participation in Bright Club.

Carbaton mural

Beltane project titled ‘Where Are My Carbon Atoms?’ from Beltane fellow Dr Yolanda Fernandez Diez during the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2014