Dr Stephano Padilla

Research Associate, School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Heriot-Watt University

Beltane Fellow: 10 Jan 2011 – 8 July 2011

Stefano is a research associate and Edinburgh Beltane public engagement fellow and his aim is to create innovative and social tools using advanced 3D graphics, data capture systems, social technologies and web application for the purpose of understanding how observers (customers and buyers) perceive objects and designs. Currently Stefano is an RA at the TextureLab (www.macs.hw.ac.uk/texturelab) at Heriot Watt University and his field of work is a cross-disciplinary combination of computer science, psychophysics (applied psychology), fashion/design and social technologies.

Stefano has created interactive installations for the Heriot Watt Fashion exhibition at Dovecot Studios Edinburgh, were visitor could play with interactive designs from student designs. Stefano has also created a free web application called shoogleit (www.shoogleit.com) that allows anyone to create highly-interactive web media to show visually rich products and goods online. In addition, he has also publish various academic papers in various fields, as well he has developed crowd source interfaces and associated technology for obtaining, analysing and aggregating observers’ responses almost instantly. At the same time, Stefano had the pleasure of creating applications and helping various industrial partners like IKEA communications, fashion outlets, art galleries and various other SMEs.

Recently, Stefano was awarded the ‘individual’ Heriot Watt University Principal’s Public Engagement prize for his efforts to engage the wider public using interactive technologies to produce eye catching online representation of objects whilst working with researchers, shops, galleries and museums.



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