Dr Nancy Lombard

Nancy LombardInstitute for Society and Social Justice Research, Glasgow Caledonian University

Associate Beltane Fellow: 1 Jan 2014-31 Dec 2014

Nancy is a Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy and a researcher at Institute for Society and Social Justice Research. Her research interests include men’s violence against women, particularly domestic abuse; violence prevention; methods of working with children and young people, gender; feminism and knowledge exchange activities.

Nancy is Associate Director, Centre for Research in Families and Relationships, University of Edinburgh  and a Member of the Cross Party Group on Violence Against Women.

As an Associate Fellow Nancy will develop and foster a relationship with educational practitioners so her research can provide an evidence base for the Sexual Health and Relationships Education aspect of the Curriculum for Excellence.  She will also use this opportunity to transfer knowledge and practice of the Beltane Team’s activities around culture change to Glasgow Caledonian University’s Centre for Public Engagement.


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